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2hearts1seoul – SGM BEAUTY BOX


 The SGM Beauty Box has partnered with the wonderful people at Bazzaal to bring you this spring treat with the best and newest products in K-Beauty. Each box is filled to the brim with full-sized skincare, beauty products and discounts to exclusive beauty treatments, all worth over $400!  

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Product Details

Necklace Information

Style: Forever Love Heart Pendant 

Metal: Everlasting White Gold™️

Length: 4/5 in. 

Width: 4/5 in. 

Chain Details

Type: Secure Lock™️ Cable Chain 

Clasp: Lobster 

Clasp Chain Length: 18 inches

Made and Sourcing

Hand-crafted with premium, durable resources 

Made and shipped by working moms living in the US

Sourced used only high-quality, sustainable materials

I cried over her body, apologizing over and over again. Apologizing for not being there for her. Apologizing for leaving her side...

As I was crying, I remember gripping the heart pendant necklace around my neck, the necklace mom gave me a week or so before she entered the hospital. 

As I held it, it gave me a spirit of comfort, almost as if she was still there with me, telling me, "It's OK. I love you and I will always be with you." It was my only source of peace in that moment of pain.

Elegance - Seoul Guide Medical Mask

Designed with the top doctors in Korea for Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging and calming. 

Active Ingredient Effects :

  • CENTELLOCE SHEET – With 50% Centella Asiatica Fiber, it has an outstanding calming effect while fully adhering to your skin for maximum comfort. 

  • Centella Asiatica Extract - Centella Asiatica Extract helps soothe your skin and leaves it soft and smooth.

  • Allantoin - Allantoin balances the oil and water composition of your skin for proper hydration.

    Adenosine – Adenosine is a Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - approved functional ingredient that reduces your wrinkles. It improves your skin condition, rejuvenates and tightens your skin.

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