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KF 94 Masks | Protection Masks Disposable (KN 95) Masks

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KF 94 protective disposable masks | Made in Korea

These KF 94 Masks are KFDA and United States FDA approved

KF 94 masks are protective face masks that can prevent 94% of the 0.4 μm particles to pass through the mask and a bit less for the particles smaller. KF acronym stands for Korea Filter. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to test the masks and the masks have to pass them to be commercially used.


The KF 94 Masks will decrease your exposure to the airborne Coronavirus and are the best-known method from preventing Coronavirus from spreading. There are a large number of studies that proves that masks actually do prevent airborne disease. Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that the masks are very important to prevent the virus from spreading. 


If you are in a public area with a lot of people or in public transportation, where you cannot keep a safe distance between people. it is advised to wear a protective mask like KF 94.


People who shouldn't wear KF 94 masks

- Kids younger than 2 years old

- People with respiratory problems

- People who cannot take the masks off without other's help




We also sell KF 80 masks and KF AD masks too, so let us know if you are interested in buying them. Meanwhile, we will add those to the shop as soon as possible.


Wear KF 94 Masks
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