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Does wearing masks cause CO2 Intoxication?

By: :Seoulguide Medical 0 comments
Does wearing masks cause CO2 Intoxication?

Does wearing KF 94 Masks cause Co2 intoxication?


TL;DR NO! No it doesn't.

By WHO (World Health Organization)

When medical masks or protective masks are worn properly, it does not cause any CO2 Intoxication. The masks are designed to let air through but not small particles. Yes, it is not easy to breath with these masks on. Not going to lie, it's not fun at all. 

Fortunately, we do not get any Co2 intoxication while wearing it. Wearing masks will help to prevent you from getting any airborne virus and also protect others. Let's be good people and wear masks. 


We can fight and win this pandemic together! 


Explanation about KF 94 Masks

Buy Masks if you are not able to find any near your area. 

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